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Morocco Tours Guides Miniature name MTG is a company to arrange and organize real tours, excursions & desert tour around Morocco taking you to discover people’s traits, habits, and culture.

Furthermore, with the group of Morocco Tours Guides. You will have great chances to see and immerse inside Moroccan culture and history. So whether you are a traveller or you just looking for a gate trip to refresh and entertain yourself getting out of work stress. If you have a great desire to take adventurous vacation, our tour programs were created & formed to fulfil and make your dreams touched in the real life. MTG Company offers cultural & historical tours around Morocco.

We offer a variety of tours to suit your interests hoping to meet your satisfaction: Imperial tours, Desert tours, & Atlas Mountains tours to explore the fascinating landscape.

Our Company will take you in impressive, real tours in Morocco to enjoy adventurous experience. During your holidays in Morocco, we take you from big Imperial Cities (find out the ancient history of ex-Morocco capitals). To the South-east region offering you a great chance to immerse deeply into desert lifestyle.

You will gain to experience things that you may have never done; enjoy camel ride, take sunset & sunrise pictures that last ever, sleep in Berber tents enjoying looking at stars, moon, quiet climate…ect

Morocco Tours Guides Company tends to have professional well-experienced guides in order to make your trip more interesting. Our guides are originated from the desert, so they have enough background about Sahara to share it with. And to supply you answering your concrete questions about Morocco.

Morocco Tours Guides doesn’t aim only to organize trip. But also it takes into consideration the most essential act which is the exchanging of cultures . Morocco Tours Guides is aware of its responsibility to arrange everything to guarantee the safety of our tours. Therefore, our guides will look after your safety .